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What is our Philosophy ?

Oil based, no stearic acid/stearates/acrylates, no Parbens BHA,BHT,SLS,SLES  does it all make a difference ?


Most of the cosmetics today are water based. In doing so you get a cheap vehicle to work with i.e. water. However water evaporates quickly thus we need to add stearic acid/stearates/acrylates to strengthen the moisture coat. Water attracts more microbes; thus we need to add  preservatives i.e. parabens/bha/bht. Doing all this does not increase cost too much but does increase the long-term side effects.


Nations in Europe have now banned BHA/BHT due to its carcinogenicity. Paraben free is becoming a big movement. Stearic acid/stearates/acrylates are beginning to show signs of mutation in some animal studies.


Thus we use the original chemist’s favorite salve ingredient i.e. Organic Shea Butter/Unrefined Cocoa Butter base. Infused with rich essential oils (steam distilled, free of extenders and additives) and nourishing carrier oils. Even though oil based, they are designed with skin permeation enhancers leading to quick absorption with no greasiness. They are self preserving  and have no artificial colors or fragrances.

About our products :)

Hand & Foot Salve

This salve is designed to protect, moisturize. It provides the extra nourishment for that soft amiable look and feel for the skin of your hands and feet.


The skin of your hands and feet are always subjected to greater amount of constant movement, touch and exposure compared to any other areas of the skin. Thus it is challenging to provide care in a still fashion.


Hand and Foot Salve’s are designed to vanish quickly with Augmented Skin permeation enhancers (which help the good stuff transfer quickly from the surface to inside of the skin cells), due to which the nurture happens faster and the skin does not stay slippery for long.


Even though the nourishment is faster, the moisture coat stays on for the same amount of time similar to that of body butter’s. Hence giving extra-ordinary moisture protection amidst faster absorption.


Apply it four or more times a day for best results.

Body Butter

Our Body Butter’s are designed for one prime purpose, hydration. When we start out as babies, our skin has great capacity for moisture entrapment, but as we age that capacity gradually reduces.  The soft supple touch to the skin, and pleasant turgor is all it takes for regressing aging symptoms of skin significantly.


These body butters are rich in a) humectants b) hydrants and c) protectants. Humectants preserve the existing moisture on the surface of the skin. Hydrants are a new technology advancement in skin care , something which mother nature has possessed since ages however. Hydrants help the skin entrap moisture from the environment. Thus giving new added moisture to your skin. Protectants form an invisible oleaginous barrier that keeps the moisture trapped inside the skin cells. Though our skin permeation enhancers make the butter absorb efficiently without leaving any greasy feeling. But the coat even though un-noticeable persists, giving extra-ordinary moisture protection.


Apply two or more times a day for best results.

Facial Salve

Frequent stretching (while you talk, express etc…) , exposure to environmental factors and Stress are three major causes for early sings of aging on facial skin. 

Our facial salve’s are thus designed mainly to provide protection, along with other things like moisturization & repair.


Protection : With Enhanced Lecithin the facial salve is superior when it comes to protection. The formulation provides protection in terms of dry air, particulate matters such as dust, carbon, aerosols etc… and limited amount of  light radiation.


Moisturization : If your skin is dry, stretching further damages skin, over time leading to cracks and wrinkles. If moisturized enough however, this can be regressed greatly.


Repair : Our formulation is rich in Vitamin A, D and E and along with skin permeation enhancers the skin is ensured to get great ammunition when it comes to repair.


If using sunscreen, apply the salve first and wait 5 to 10 minutes before applying sun screen.

Apply four or more times a day for best results.

Lip Balm

Formulating a good lip balm could sometimes be challenging. A good lip balm formulation needs to be

Adherent : As the protection should ideally last for hours and not minutes.

Flexible : So that the coat stays intact longer, to provide better protection.

Moisturizing : A key requirement for any good lip balm.

Protective : To protect lips from environmental factors

Edible to some extent : As you might ingest some.

And rich in nourishing agents : For good repair and skin formation.

Our Lip balm not only satisfies above factors with grace, but it does so with all natural ingredients.


The balm also provides sun protection due to added Zinc Oxide & with Organic/Unrefined bases with their own UV A/B absorbing abilities.

The balm is made with cold process i.e. no loss of good stuff while heating. Afterall it would be such a waste to have great ingredients geared up, only to subject them to heat and oxidation.

Apply four or more times a day for best results.

Sun Butter

All sorts of benzones (benzene based chemicals) , including avobenzone, oxybenzone and octocrylene  are now being co-related with melanoma and skin cancer with long term exposure.

Titanium dioxide has also been bumped to category 2b (proven evidence to cause cancer in animals but requires further collection of data for evaluation of safety on humans ).

Our sun butter is free of above ingredients and provides mineral sun protection through 21.6% Zinc Oxide, Organic Shea butter as the base (shea is shown to have an SPF of 6) and Raspberry seed oil (shown to have SPF of 12).


The Aveeno Baby sunscreen for example provides an SPF of 50, with 21.6% Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient. However our formulation being butter based, is devoid of acrylates, artificial fragrances, preservatives and colors. The formulation is also Waterproof and Sweatproof, with a great spread quotient (a little goes a long way).


Apply 15 minutes before going into sunlight and reapply every 2 hours, until outdoors

Massage Butter

Massage butter’s are common in several cultures when it comes to muscle, joint and nerve pains.


Our massage butter contains oils such as Cajeput, Clove, Cinnamon & Peppermint, which provide a warm sensation upon rubbing.


The butter also contains menthol which provides great cooling sensation.


The butter also has a great rub and spread quotient which means, you can keep rubbing in for long. This helps improve blood circulation and thus flushing the metabolic waste from the muscles whilst creating room for healing elements


Essential oils that provide heat and cool sensations, basically diverts attention of the neurons from the pain signals, thus helping in nerve pain and joint pains.


Massage for 15-20 minutes in a single sitting for best effectiveness.

Pre Conditioner :

Why pre-conditioner ?: In many cultures including the old Egyptian times, there isn’t a concept of conditioner but instead implement pre-conditioning.


In pre conditioning the hair, you evenly saturate hair with nourishing oleaginous salve. Let it sit for say 15 minutes to half an hour. And then wash it off with a cleanser.

The difference is remarkable, to say the least, in terms of improving the hair elasticity (the feel of softness in hair), hair friction and static load (the feel of smoothness in hair) , shine & combability.


What does the preconditioner contain : Our preconditioners are rich in Vitamin E, A and D. The oils used to create the salve are incorporated in Organic shea butter (which itself has great properties in terms of imparting hair shimmer).  The oils used have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties that help in seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), scalp health (psoriasis) and hair root strengthening.


After applying on hair, leave for 15 to 30 minutes before cleansing . You may also leave it overnight for scalp health.

Hair Cleansing Preparation :

The Shampoo with no harmful surfactants :


Even though our hair cleanser is oil based, it still foams, cleanse and does everything a regular shampoo does but without harmful surfactants(no SLS, SLES) and emulsifiers.

Due to which there are no drying agents that might irritate scalp. This also helps in terms of making the scalp healthy, and less susceptible to develop dandruff, itching, psoriasis etc.


The hair roots as a result get a healthy medium to stay rooted on. Thus reducing hair falls in long run.


The butter also has naturally cooling and soothing ingredients. Thus make sure to keep your eyes closed while washing off , to prevent accidental contact with eyes (though naïve but might make your eyes feel cool and thus watery ).



Saturate hair with water. Rub and foam, leave for 2-3 minutes before cleansing.

Hair Strengthening and Conditioning Serum :

The hair strengthening and conditioning serum is designed to temporarily manipulate keratin ( a protein in your hairs ) and help retain moisture longer.

Doing so gives temporary strength and flexibility to hair. Thus preventing damage from rubbing hair against towel, brushing your hair etc.


Extra moisture retention also helps hair stay frizz free longer and naturally manageable.


The serum also has a moisturizing effect on the scalp, keeping the skin turgor optimal and thus giving good base for hair roots to stay on.


Saturate hair with water. Lightly massage for 2-3 minutes before cleansing.

Cleansing Face Butter

A gentle cleanser for the face. Free of surfactants and drying agents. Based on organic shea butter. This face butter is highly refreshing and provides thorough cleansing of dirt particulates in your pores and surface of the facial skin.


The face-wash butter is designed to leave a nice shiny moisture coat on your skin after each wash.


Cleansing the sebum (oil) and dirt off your pores is one of the best skin care habits you can cultivate. It keeps your skin fresh ,clean of the scavenging aging radicals and dirt.


Feel the freshness and extra moisture, with that soft ,supple and glimmer look.


A little goes a long way, so a pea sized amount or so, should be enough to wash your face. Does remove make up on the face and around eyes.


Saturate face with water, take a pea sized amount , rub to foam and then cleanse

Non Drying Face Mask

Our facemasks are designed with activated charcoal (South Korean Bamboo Charcoal), and is non drying with self cleansing and foaming properties upon contact with water.


Which means you can directly apply the contents without mixing. Leave it on without worrying about drying time (as over drying can sometimes stretch and damage skin). And then just wash off once you are ready.


The activated charcoal gives a deep cleanse to your pores. After the process you will come out with a rejuvenated look with a feel of deep moisture, free of any dirt hidden deep into the pores. The formulation is also designed to leave a gleam shiny moisture coat on your face after each application.


Apply a tea spoon worth of the preparation. Coat evenly on to the face, avoiding eyes. Leave it on for 5 minutes and wash off. (Do not wait for drying, as the preparation is non drying in nature).

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