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The Composition

How Natural are Vuja De products?



No Parabens


No BHA, BHT or Triclosan

No Stearic acid/Stearates/acrylates

No Artificial Fragrances

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Preservatives

That Natural!

What are the type of Essential Oils used?

Steam distilled

Free of additives

Free of extenders

100% all natural

Fortified with skin permeation enhancers

That Pure!

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What is our Philosophy ?

Oil based, no stearic acid/stearates/acrylates, no Parbens BHA,BHT,SLS,SLES  does it all make a difference ?


Most of the cosmetics today are water based. In doing so you get a cheap vehicle to work with i.e. water. However water evaporates quickly thus we need to add stearic acid/stearates/acrylates to strengthen the moisture coat. Water attracts more microbes; thus we need to add  preservatives i.e. parabens/bha/bht. Doing all this does not increase cost too much but does increase the long-term side effects.


Nations in Europe have now banned BHA/BHT due to its carcinogenicity. Paraben free is becoming a big movement. Stearic acid/stearates/acrylates are beginning to show signs of mutation in some animal studies.


Thus we use the original chemist’s favorite salve ingredient i.e. Organic Shea Butter/Unrefined Cocoa Butter base. Infused with rich essential oils (steam distilled, free of extenders and additives) and nourishing carrier oils. Even though oil based, they are designed with skin permeation enhancers leading to quick absorption with no greasiness. They are self preserving  and have no artificial colors or fragrances.

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