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About Us

We are a New+Old kind of Pharmacy...

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We quitted the conventional big corporate chain stores to save ourselves from the constant pressure of target matrix, especially when it comes to prescription medications, and moreover that's not why we went to school. Here, Tablet is like the old school pharmacy, where the pharmacist knows the patient and the patient understands the pharmacist. Giving purpose to our skills and helping us enjoy what we do for the rest of our lives. 

One of the main reason for the small independent pharmacies to dwindle, was price efficiency compared to bigger franchises . Drug supply being regulated in Canada, small or big, all of them have to purchase only from a few regulated suppliers at a standardized price. Thus the answer was, to not become a part of the traditional franchise model and we essentially do not have to share our profits in return for using their brand name. Instead we pass that benefit towards the patient, keeping our prices low by cutting out the middleman. Moreover, we can keep the products we believe in, have a smaller store size etc. all of that further reducing over heads. Such modifications have helped us gain anywhere from 30-40% efficiency.


But good prices were just the beginning. A pleasant lounge and a giant TV with Mr. Bean videos awaits you, while you get your prescriptions. At Tablet, customer service is a culture and not a department. It helps us when it comes to certain communications/interventions with your Physician. Helping you choose better alternatives, treatment regimens and clinical questions is what we are here for.

And yes we are a 100% Pharmacy, we might not have the groceries but your medication regimen is more important and in better hands under dedicated experts rather than grocers. 

Try us out and see how the best of both worlds feels like, i.e.

"Good service, Fair prices, the 100% Pharmacy"

What we do

TABLET makes life easier...


Personalized Service

Free Delivery

Chat/Text with your Pharmacist

Direct Billing

Online Refills


Travel Vaccinations

Waiting Lounge

Fair Prices





Request online your refills, prescriptions or chat with your Pharmacist at

250.927.8032 (Parksville) and

250.816.7116 (Qualicum)


Small robots will count your medications

State of the art compounding tech + real time  drug interaction analytics software


We deliver for free

We value your time. We serve fast


Valuing Fair Prices.

Tablet Pharmacy believes in impact of small businesses towards community economy & prosperity.

Our Philosophy

TABLET is...

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