About Us

We are a New kind of Pharmacy...

Or maybe a new kind of pharmacy mixed with an old type of pharmacy.

Anything but a big box pharmacy.

We left the Grocery Chains with a vision i.e.  "to uphold the meaning of a Community Pharmacy", just like the old school days; where the Pharmacist knows the patient and the patient understands the Pharmacist. All we wanted was to put your health at the center of the equation. A no distraction environment, just focusing on your medications and counselling.

If you go to any professional place, for example a lawyer, you do not wonder if he or she might carry produce or any other groceries, so was the way with Pharmacies, a limited set of goods and services. And we feel it is important to keep that differentiation.

We are Pharmacists and are different from Grocers , just like lawyers, Doctors, Gynecologists etc...Your medications are important to you and for us you are not a number, because patient care is what we went to school, not for sales and targets.


​More over Tablet Pharmacy is Independent & Locally owned .Which means there is no Franchiser who shares a part of our profits. We pass it on to the customers. Smaller store size means less over heads ; such strategies also means we can take better care of you without sacrificing price efficiency (one of the major reasons for decline of truly independent community Pharmacies). We have things like small robots to count your medications, a beautiful waiting lounge, and a new tech lab that customizes your compound.

At Tablet Pharmacy Parksville, you can chat with your pharmacist. Even through text on 250.927.8032 or email ( contact@tabletpharmacy.ca ). 

With Love,

TABLET Pharmacy Parksville

"Where the old fashioned neighborhood pharmacy of yesterday,

meets the high tech pharmacy of tomorrow"

Our People

Meet the Founders...


Masters in Public Health

(University of Saskatchewan)
MBA (IBS-University of South Australia)
CPPP (University of British Columbia)

B.Sc. in Pharmacy (N.M.U)

Aki has wide range of experiences,

from working in an Apothecary

in New Zealand, being a Production Manager at Natural Cosmeceutics to a Public Health Professional

in Saskatchewan. As a Locum Pharmacist, Aki has worked in 52+ stores, all over BC. Later becoming Pharmacy manager in a Compounding Pharmacy on mainland . Now he works for Tablet

as the Pharmacy Manager

and as a footman during evenings and weekends for his little daughter Aara.


Phd. in: How to Negotiate

for more screen time.
Post Doc. Thesis title “How to fall asleep at your own time, no matter

what the surroundings”.

Ever wonder why we look so fresh

even on Mondays! It could be that

we saw a picture of Aara

from the day care, or may be a painting

she drew for us. Thank you Aara

for being the inspiration

and the energy source of the team.


Bachelors of Architecture (M.S.U)
Masters of Urban design

(University of British Columbia)

Penny, the architect of Tablet Pharmacy Parksville, has now joined in with

full force as a Pharmacy Assistant.

She has varied experiences

from being an architect to working as

a Pharmacy Assistant at Rexall.

With two full time jobs (first as

a Pharmacy Assistant at Tablet and second as a mother), we find it curious

as to know how she gets the energy

to be an early riser.

Our Services

We serve the old fashioned way.

We Care...

TABLET is a Full-Service Pharmacy.

Blister pack


Bio Identical / Hormone replacement

Flu Shots

Travel Vaccination

Cosmaceutical Compounding

Methadone & Daily dispense

Medication Review


We accept all major insurances

and Pharmacare

Our Philosophy

TABLET is...


Drop-off your prescriptions Online or Picture text. Request refills or chat with your Pharmacist on 250.927.8032


Small robots will count your medications

State of the art compounding tech + real time  drug interaction analytics software's.


We deliver for free

We value your time. We serve fast


Valuing Fair Prices.

Tablet Pharmacy believes in impact of small businesses towards community economy & prosperity.