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With extensive experience both as a clinical Pharmacist plus lab/formulation settings, Aki's skills come in handy especially when it comes to complex disease management. He likes reading boring non-fiction books without pictures, and is lately learning negotiation skills from his five year old. A graduate from University of Saskatchewan, CPPP from University of British Columbia and MBA from University of South Australia/IBS (phew, that's a mouthful ! ). He now cherishes creating compound formulations and providing valuable clinical interventions especially when it comes to deciding alternate options, and intricate drug treatment regimen recommendations. 


Top of the class, UBC graduate with honors, distinction and a doctorate, Matt is not only our newest addition to the staff, but the newest addition to the field of Pharmacy. Such a gem to have in the pool of pharmacists.  A friendly disposition, with a hardworking attitude and a pragmatic framework of mind, he is a recipe poised for success. 

Ok, enough with the glorification; practically speaking Matt is our sportiest addition to the pretty much prosaic field of pills and potions. Bungee jump, Sky dive, Motorbikes, you name it.  With no opportunity to skydive or bungee jump whilst in the dispensary, we wonder what motivates Matt to come first and leave the last amongst the staff.

The friendliest face you are yet to see (till we have the masks on), Matt truly stands for counseling the medications in good detail and staying updated.  However, as we also sell laughter along with medications, he is still catching up with the jokes (something yet to be added in the Pharmacist program curriculum); expect to laugh just for the sake of it.

On a sincere note, we deeply appreciate and welcome the hardworking and friendly Matt, to our growing team. 


Highly energetic, enthusiastic and always excited to work. Elizabeth has become a great part of our small but efficient and effective team. So many "e's" seems, like all these words were just meant to be synonymous with Elizabeth. As you know we sell all kinds of medications, including laughter, if you need some; she is the one you'll usually talk to. 


With a humble and easy going attitude, though not to get fooled with it for her sense of memory. A quick learner and memorizer to an extent that she is like the 007 who does not need an instruction booklet, or to make notes. 

Being an internationally trained Pharmacist with experience in Dubai City Hospital, where ambulances are mostly ferrari's if not lamborghini; she is still getting accustomed to the concept of our modest 2 seater smart car for deliveries. 

We love how Margaret has become an integral part of our team and helps be the memory genius of the team, " Oh do you remember that patients name who came this morning for his gout medication?, yes he was Mr John, and so did Mr Warren last thursday morning, and Mr Roger 2 weeks ago..." oh ok, wow! 

A big thumbs up to Margaret, for her caring persona and wonderfully healthy neurons.


 An Architect from University of British Columbia, if you see the store and feel like wow!, what a Pharmacy; all the accolades should go to Prachi. As she own's the business with Aki, Prachi envisioned a store that is unique and efficient i.e. fast workflow and a positive environment by design. Apart from designing houses, working at the Pharmacy, taking care of our little one , doing the day to day chores, she also manages to discover trails that even a bear might not have seen. Energizer bunny = Prachi. 

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During Covid, it was hard to find staff, but not for us. With day care closed we actually had extra help of our little own. Meet our genius with a PhD in Screen Time Negotiation.

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